Almost 33 percent of girls experience eating disorders, anxiety disorders or depression¹ 


Juno Foundation was created in 2009 to address a chronic shortage of mental health therapists who are trained, capable and willing to work with adolescent girls, young women and their families, and to provide financial aid to families in need of therapy.

Statistics show that almost 33 percent of girls experience eating disorders, anxiety disorders or depression. With 36,565 high school aged girls in Calgary area, approximately 12,000 girls may be in need of therapy, but few therapists work with this underserved population². These are the girls that Juno Foundation seeks to empower.

Our mission

Building the whole girl. We strive to empower adolescent girls and young women to achieve strong mental health and well-being.

Our values

We believe in the inherent value of adolescent girls and young women — that all girls and young women can overcome past self-harming behaviors to live healthy, productive lives with positive relationships.

1. Improving the health of adolescent girls. Meyer J.E. et al Commonwealth Fund, Commission on Women’s Health, 1999.
2. Statistics Canada. Alberta Psychology Association on-line referral search.

“We have been fortunate to have the support of Juno Foundation for the last couple years. It has allowed us to maximize the coverage we have through company benefits, and has allowed our daughters to have the number of sessions they need.”

-Tracey Doolan



Board of directors

Peter Williams, Juno Foundation Board Chair – CEO Annapolis Capital
Robyn Ritchie, Director – Philanthropist
CarolAnn Williams, Director – Philanthropist
HeidiDinning, Director – Alberta Director of Development, Canadian Women’s Foundation
Brenda Parker, Director – 
VP General Counsel, Balboa Land Investments

Past chair and founding director

Julie George – Philanthropist

“Juno Foundation has done so much for my daughter and for me. They gave Rebecca the tools to overcome her eating disorder, to deal with her anxiety and depression. She learnt how to deal with the bullying from her childhood and how it wasn’t her fault. Their access to specialists who deal with adolescent women is phenomenal. They really get these girls and it’s not lost on my daughter that these people understand her. I will never forget what you did for us.”

-Cheryl Jessamine

Our stories

Since its inception, Juno Foundation has provided financial support for counselling services to those in financial need, and capacity building to expand the knowledge and treatment capacity in the professional community.

While we are incredibly proud of what Juno Foundation has accomplished since 2009, we are even more proud of the courage, commitment and fearlessness of adolescent girls, young women and their families in tackling their challenges and building healthy lives and relationships.

Hear their stories.