Building the whole girl takes a community

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Building the whole girl takes a community. A comprehensive model where professionals are trained in specialized treatment – and having funding in place to help those families in need.

Juno Foundation partners with stakeholders who use a unified treatment and therapeutic approach based on current brain development research, attachment theory, and interpersonal neurobiology. The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals.

Financial support

Juno Foundation provides financial support for counselling to families in financial need. Anxiety is the most significant emotional health issue facing girls and young women, commonly manifesting itself in eating disorders, self-harm and depression. The Foundation typically funds treatment in these areas of mental illness on a sliding scale basis.

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Subsidy Program Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions

How does Juno Foundation help? 

Juno Foundation provides subsidies and financial aid to adolescent girls, young women and their families facing financial barriers, so they can access and participate in counselling, therapy and therapeutic supports to address anxiety and anxiety based issues.

Juno Foundation supports individual counselling, therapy and therapeutic supports that provide adolescent girls, young women and their families with therapeutic services provided by qualified therapists, counsellors and service providers that have been approved by the Foundation.

Who is eligible to receive a Juno Foundation Subsidy and Financial Aid?

  • Clients and families who are unable to afford the private practice rate of therapy, counselling or therapeutic services.
  • Juno Foundation considers social and economic barriers facing the family when determining eligibility.
  • Subsidies will be considered for adolescent girls and young women 12- 25 years of age, and their families.

What does a Juno Foundation Subsidy cover?

Juno Foundation provides financial aid and support in Calgary and Area to a maximum of $100/per hour for individual therapy. The foundation recognizes that special circumstances may exist where an increased subsidy amount may be required, these will be considered and approved on an individual basis.

Subsidies are intended to be used to subsidize individual therapy, counselling or nutrition counselling fees by Juno Foundation approved agents only.  Further subsidies are intended to cover therapy and therapeutic supports that fall within the scope of the charitable purposes of the Foundation. Accordingly, subsidies for therapy and issues outside of our charitable purposes will not qualify.

If you have questions about the application please contact: 

Lorie Gibson

Executive Director

“In Family Medicine we commonly diagnose patients with mental health illness. This is particularly stressful when we are dealing with a teenager, often a girl, afflicted with Anxiety, Depression or an Eating Disorder.  These illnesses have a profound effect on the entire family unit. It is a time of crisis and can be a medical emergency. As the client physician we also struggle to find adequate and timely treatment for our patients.

Thank-you for supporting such a comprehensive and sensible approach to mental illness in this vulnerable population. You are treating not just the young troubled patients, but the entire family unit.”

-Lorraine Croft

Specialized training for therapists

Our goal is to expand the counselling capacity in Calgary and area so that families can quickly access specialized counselling for their daughters. The Foundation’s training program aims to create specialist therapists in three important lines of clinical research:

  • Outcomes in psychodynamic psychotherapy
  • Attachment theory
  • Current research in brain development and affective neuroscience.Specialized training is delivered through educational workshops, professional seminars, direct therapist supervision, and individual and group consultation.

Specialized training is delivered through educational workshops, professional seminars, direct therapist supervision, and individual and group consultation.

“I have been blessed to receive aide from Juno Foundation that has allowed me to continue accessing therapists and resources. As a 24 year old young woman, I have found it to be absolutely critical in my continued recovery, as well as in tackling the challenges specific to young adulthood such as relationships, university, career and increased independence. I have no doubt that I would not be where I am today in my school career, personal life, health, or recovery were it not for the support, both past and ongoing, that I have received.”

-Shelby Leiding

Training for medical and educational professionals

Juno Foundation provides training to medical professionals working with adolescent girls and young women.

The University of Calgary’s Family Medicine Residency Program has partnered with the Foundation to provide training to residents in the understanding and treatment of adolescent girls’ mental health issues.

Training workshops are provided to Mount Royal University 3rd year Nursing students to educate students in assessment and treatment of adolescent girls who show mental health issues of depression, self-harm behaviors, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, anxiety and eating disorders.

Juno Foundation delivers workshops and training to teachers and educators that focus on early brain development, models of parent coaching, and early intervention of mental health issues with girls.